A day hike to the Blue Eye in Theth

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Theth, Albania

A gorgeous hike to one of the gems of northern Albania


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What To Expect

This round trip will take you from Shkodra to the mountain pass of “Qafe Thorë”. From the pass we will hike down to the Blue Eye (Syri kaltër), the jewel of the Shala / Theth valley. The Blue Eye is a very large basin of water with an overhanging waterfall of pure azure blue.

The premises have wooden terraces that blend perfectly with the environment. You can eat and drink in the soothing shade of the trees while listening to the sound of the river. For the most courageous, we encourage a quick dip into the blue eye. The water is so cold that swimming even for a few seconds is a challenge!


Our driver will drop us off at the pass of Thorë with a beautiful 1676 m panoramic view. The hike is through the forest and so shady, which is very pleasant in the warm season. The descent to the blue eye is approximately 5 km with an elevation of 900 m, but the passage is not dangerous. We will head through a vast meadow to get on to the forest trail. After a few kilometers in the undergrowth, we will cross a beautiful stream and encounter a few small houses along the canals of irrigation. You will then have deserved the unique spectacle of the Blue Eye! After a break of two hours or so, we will return by the same route. Technical data : about 10 km and 900 m-/m+ of elevation.
  • Departure from the center of Shkodër at 7 am
  • Arrive at "Qafe Thore Pass": 1 1/2 hours
  • Hike to the Blue Eye and back to the Pass: 7 hours
  • Our driver will bring us to the pass and back to Shkodra.

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Food & Water
28 EUR 10 hrs
  • Hiking
  • Nature
  • Active
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Pricing Breakdown

As a social enterprise we value fairness and transparency. Here is exactly what your money pays for:

Expense Cost
Transport 17 €
Guide 7 €
Taxes 2 €
Salaries & Costs 2 €
Total 28 €

Minimum 3 people.

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