Butrinti & Saranda

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The southern gems of Albania


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What To Expect

At the border of Albania, facing the Greek island of Corfu, there is one of the archaeological and natural treasures of the country: Butrint. A veritable microcosm of the history of the Mediterranean in a luxuriant natural setting, the site is undoubtedly a gem of the region.

Butrinti was not discovered and excavated until 1928 by the Italian archaeologist Ugolini. Butrint was a major city in ancient times and has two stories a mythological history and an archaeological history. According to legend, the city was founded by Trojans fleeing the Trojan War. To honor the gods upon their arrival they sacrificed an ox, who, just wounded, continued running to his death along the peninsula. Seeing this as a good omen, the Trojans decided to build the city along the Peninsula and named the city Buthrotum.


  • Meeting point at the entrance of the Archaeological site
  • Explore the ruins: 2 hours
  • How to get there?
  • Depart from Saranda station: 35 minutes to Butrinti
  • Return to city center: 35 minutes

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Walking Shoes
  • Water
15 EUR 3 hrs
  • Monuments
  • Culture & Traditions
  • History
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