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Mind blowing series of assassinations in the early XX cent


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What To Expect

On this tour we will dive into the complex and intertwined events that unfold in Albania between 1913-1940. As a new Independent Nation (1912), Albania struggled to survive against neighboring expansion & internal frictions (sometimes at the same time). But we decided to explain this period of Albanian history a little different from the usual approach...

On this tour we will follow several political assassinations (hold on to your hats!) that change the course of Albanian history. We will start the tour by examining the assassinations of members of the Albanian Independence movement, continue on to King Zog, his rise to power, and end our tour at the start of the communist regime. We'll trace our path of extravagant assassinations outside the country to Italy, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, & the former Yugoslavia. We will examine the villainous and heroic aspects of each of our characters with a special focus on King Zog and his life.

We are bursting with enthusiasm to share this tour with you and hope you'll join us in exploration of this truly unique and interesting period of time in Albanian history.


    Starting point at Shega Eger bar on Rruga Gjuhadol

What To Bring

  • A bullet proof jacket, just in case!
  • Walking Shoes
7 EUR 2 hrs
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    As a social enterprise we value fairness and transparency. Here is exactly what your money pays for:

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    Guide 5 €
    Taxes & Services 2 €
    Total 7 €

    Minimum 3 people. For two people the price will be 20 euros. This tour (by request) may also be possible by bike. Contact us at least 48hrs in advance to schedule this tour including what time you would like the tour to begin.

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