Mesi Bridge & Drishti Castle Tour

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Drisht, Albania

Where the Wild Highlands and Civilization meet


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What To Expect

This half day tour takes place a short distance north of Shkodra where you will take in the majestic views of the mountains and rivers while enjoying a historic tale of the Albanian highlands from your guide.

Ura e Mesit (Mesi’s Bridge, or the middle bridge) was constructed in the 18th century by Mehmet Bushatlliu “the Old” to connect the Albanian highlands with the port city of Shkodra.

During our picnic beside the elegant Mesi bridge, we think you won’t be able to resist jumping into the clear blue water of the Kiri river that flows underneath the bridge.

Drishti castle is the other main site on this activity, a medieval Albanian citadel and settlement. Once it was a mighty castle standing against the Venetians and Turkish when it saw better days. Today it is in decline and is a testament to the relentless progression of time as the bulky stone crumbles into dust and nature reasserts control.


The tour of the North will take around 4 hours and include the visit of the ruins of the old town and castle of Drishti and the Bridge of Mesi in the Kiri river. We included also in the tour a small snack break between the two of them.
  • Depart from meeting point: 30 minutes to the Mesi Bridge
  • From Mesi Bridge to Drishti: 15 minutes
  • Tour of Drishti citadel: 45 minutes
  • Picnic & Swimming in Kiri: 1 ½ hours
  • Return to city center: ½ hour

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Walking / Hiking Shoes
  • Swimsuit (optional)
24 EUR 4 hrs
  • Monuments
  • Nature
  • History
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    As a social enterprise we value fairness and transparency. Here is exactly what your money pays for:

    Expense Cost
    Transport 7 €
    Guide 5 €
    Food 4 €
    Local Salaries 5 €
    Taxes + Costs 3 €
    Total 24 €

    Minimum 5 people.
    We also offer an alternative by bike starting at €20 that takes a few hours longer.

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