The Medieval Castle of Kruja

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Kruje, Albania

Kruja: Skanderbeg's Stronghold and Capital


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What To Expect

On the 28 November 1443; Gjergj Kastrioti “Skanderbeg” rose what would become the Albanian flag atop Kruja Castle, thus beginning one of the most successful and famous rebellions ever waged against the Ottoman Empire.

Better than any film or fiction, the tale of Skanderbeg's rise to power and rebellion is the story of a man who brought hope to his people, and a hero who is today remembered as the father of a nation.

Over the course of 20 years the tiny castle of Kruja withstood several sieges by some of the Ottoman Empire's most capable sultans and generals.

Your guide will take you through the castle’s history and provide you with an introduction to the life and history of Skanderbeg. It is a great opportunity to learn about the history of Albania during the Medieval Ages. The castle’s first inhabitants were settlers from the nearby Illyrian city of Albanopoli. It is hypothesized that they relocated to Kruja in the V Century to take advantage of the area's strategically important high ground and abundant water sources.

On our way to the castle we will walk through the Old Bazaar that leads to the entrance of the castle. The street is full of shops and markets and it is difficult to escape without buying something. Inside the castle you will find the Museum of History and the Ethnographic Museum. From the highest points of the castle you will be able to see not only a spectacular view, but also a few neighboring castles, the Bay of Drini, and Key of Rodoni.


This historical (as known as time travel) activity will start with transportation to Kruja from the center of Shkoder. The price includes the transportation, the guide, and a special treat. We will explore the castle together for about 1 hour and you will have 2 hours time to enjoy the museums, the old bazaar, and to relax.
  • Depart from the meeting point: 1 ½ hr to Kruja
  • Explore the Castle: 1 hours
  • Museums & free time: 2 hours approximately
  • Return to Shkodra center: 1 ½ hr

What To Bring

  • Sunscreen
  • Walking Shoes
30 EUR 6 hrs
  • Monuments
  • Culture & Traditions
  • History
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    Transport 10 €
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    Local Salaries 3 €
    Taxes + Costs 8 €
    Total 30 €

    Minimum 3-4 people.

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