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Tours in Albania

Tours in Albania! Find a variety of tours we offer you all around Albania.
From walking, biking, hiking, swimming,. etc. You choose the adventure we guide you!

Free Walking Tour Shkoder

Not sure how to start your exploration of Shkodra?


Shkodra Lake by Bike

A bike ride through a picturesque landscape


Rozafa Sunset Castle Tour

Shkodra, a treasure of 2500 years of history


Visit Komani lake, Valbona & Theth

The Northern Wilderness of Albania


Swimming & Picnic in the Kiri River

Escape the Heat with a Cool Mountain Swim


Komani lake & Shala river boat trip

A gorgeous opportunity through Drini & Shala river canyon


Discover Theth Valley & The Blue Eye

Self guided tour of Theth valley for two nights.


Bike City Tour Shkoder

Leaving without riding a bike is like never being here!

Copy of Sarda castle 01

Kayaking on the lake to the lost Citadel of Sarda

At the courtyard of Leka Dukagjini


Kelmend, The Accursed Mountains

Following Voldemorts trail deep in the Albanian mountains


Albania, The Forgotten Castle of Danja

Beautiful views, hike, picnic & history from the ruins

two-beekeepers (1)

Beekeeping, a Hands-On Experience

Get up close and personal with a sweet Balkan tradition


Private Walking Tour Tirana

How did this city become a modern hub! A city to understand.


The medieval castle of Kruja

A daily trip to Kruja, Skanderbeg’s Stronghold and Capital


10 nights Grand tour of Albania

Explore the country from north to south and visit it's most known attractions.

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Traveling in Albania is a magical experience, but even for the most adventurous of travelers, it can be difficult sometimes to navigate and find ways to explore the hidden Albania.