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A gorgeous opportunity through Drini & Shala river canyon

Next available trip will be June 2022, the 2021 season is over.

This tour is a day trip to Komani Lake where you will have the chance to sail along an artificial lake built in the 70s by Chinese engineers and to eat lunch at one of the guesthouse in the aria. Komani connects two of the biggest dams in Albania, Komani & Fierza, which provide Albania with much of their energy. This trip is quickly becoming one of the most sought after tours of Northern Albania, so spoiler alert, you won’t be alone in your admiration of the endlessly beautiful canyons, cliffs, and greenery. Even still the combination of intense natural color and lapping of water against the boat provides for a truly soothing experience.


  • Departure from “Shega e Eger” at 06:30 for Komani Dam
  • Departure of the ferry from the Komani Dam 09:00
  • Lunch at the guesthouse around 12:00
  • Return ferry at 14:00
  • Return to Shkoder around 17:30

40 euro per person: Include

  • Guiding for the day
  • Transportation to Koman and back
  • Lunch
  • Ferry


  • Minimum of 2 people required
  • Book in advance
  • Season open only from June to September

What to Bring

  • Water & Snack
  • Swimming suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes

Explore Shala river!

kayaking shkoder
shala river
shala river

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