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Get up close and personal with a sweet Balkan tradition

Honey and Beekeeping has been vital to the livelihood of rural families in Albania and Kosovo throughout the past few decades strewn with conflicts.

Join us for a 2 hours of sweet fun. We’ll travel 15 minutes outside Shkodra along the beautiful lakeside to the house of a local beekeeper where we will discuss the basics of beekeeping:
– why bees are important to our environment
– how bee “keeping” works
– a little history of beekeeping in Albania
– how honey is extracted from the hive

Ever wondered what the inside of a beehive looks like? Find out! You’ll put on a beekeepers head cover suit and get right up next to the bees.

Finally, we’ll retreat from the hive, uncover our heads and taste the gorgeous raw, unpasteurized honey that is 100% organic with fresh local bread. Want to take a jar back with you? No problem!

  • Depart from meeting point: 15 minutes to Beekeeper’s house
  • Experience + Tasting: 1 hours
  • Return to city center: 15 minutes

The bees rarely sting and you’ll be well covered in protective clothing, but if you’re allergic to bees we recommend you don’t come on this activity. You’re welcome to contact us to buy some fresh local honey directly.

12 euro per person: Include

  • Guiding
  • Transportation
  • Honey taste
  • Beekeeping equipment


  • Minimum 2 people requred
  • This tour may not be always available 

What to Bring

  • Long sleeve shirt or coat
  • Long pants
  • Avoid black color
  • Covered shoes

Make a reservation!

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