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Shega Eger

Lunch like a local

Are you tired of finding yourself in a restaurant surrounded by tourists even after you asked your hotel or hostel receptionist ...

bike city tour

Ten things to do in Shkoder

Marubi -National Museum of Photography If you’re interested in photography, history, or both, this museum is certainly for you!


The biking culture

What’s with all the bikes here?! Yes Shkodra is known for bikes, you could call it the unofficial biking capital of the …

local businesses

Support Local Businesses

Want to support local businesses while you are here? Looking for something handmade and unique for you or as a gift for …

outdoor activities in Shkoder

Shkodër Lake

Below are some basic facts, history, and some of our own perspectives about Shkodër Lake — we hope they are helpful in …


Kiri Adventures was born…

… out of a simple question: “What can tourists and travelers do in Shkodër, Albania?”. Before we got started, the answer was, …

traveling with kids

Traveling with kids in Albania

Through the years we have met many couples with kids that visited Shkoder & Albania and spent several days with us where we organized tours for them or joined us at our bar for a juice at “Shega Eger.

Tours in Albania & Shkoder

Tips for solo travelers in Albania

In the last 10 years we have met countless solo travelers that have visited our country. With that said, why the need for this topic! To give you some tips for this adventure...

Things to do in Albania

Things to do in Albania

If you are here and reading this blog it means that you are thinking of visiting our country, well we will try to give you an idea of what you can do during your journey in Albania.

beekeeping albanian heritage

Documentary Photography in Albania

We are lucky enough to have planty photographs on our website from our friend & supporter Nick St. Oegger, a documentary photographer.

Best hikes in Albania

The best hikes in Albania

Albania consists of mostly mountainous terrain, so It is not a surprise that our country is becoming such a popular destination for hikers.


What to do if you need medical help in Albania

We hope that you will not need medical attention during your vacation in Albania, but we thought to provide you some basic information in case the need arises.


Wineries in Albania a new trend

Discover more about Albanian wine-making and the best Wineries to visit.


Albanian cuisine - Shkoder

Finally, it is time to start to know more about our special dishes! This blog post id dedicated to Shkoder and what is unique there.

driving in albania

Driving & Car renting in Albania

Useful information for all those that plan to drive or rent a car in Albania. We strongly suggest to read it.

history of albanian coffee ritual

Coffee culture an Albanian love history​

Get to know how this magical bean became part of our history and tradition.

Valbona valley hike

Valbona valley & Theth valley all you need to know

Blog post and FAQs about hiking from Valbona valley & Theth valley.

shkodra lake

9 Outdoor activities in Shkoder

Best way to learn what to do outdoor around Shkoder.