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From our harvest to your glass

Shega Eger is our sister commitment, and it is fresh juice & cocktail bar.

Shega itself is an unique experience with a very particular atmosphere, build from nothing by the love of the people who started this enterprise.

We use our freshest locally grown produce to support the local farmers to maintain our quality product. 

“When you eat better you feel better and when you feel better, you do better for yourself and for the community.” 


Tasty Breakfast

Home made cakes fresh smoothies and coffee.

Moments with true friend

There is no way better than to enjoy your stay at Shega then with your friends.

We love Espresso

If you love coffee then you are in the right place, more then liking it we are obsesses with good coffee.

Daily moments of our routine at Shega Eger

Our Juices

Fresh fruits and vegetables selected from the local market and prepared just in front of you so the quality of the juice is at it’s best.

Our Cocktails

There are thousands of cocktails around the world, and we do have our own cocktails unique to our bar.

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