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Bike City Tour Shkoder

Leaving without riding a bike is like never being here!

Did someone tell you there was nothing worth seeing in Shkoder?

Maybe you heard Shkodra is just a place to spend the night before going on to Tirana or Montenegro?

We will prove that wrong! This bike city tour can be perfect for you. Shkodra is the biking capital of Albania, so come with us, hop on a bike and become a typical shkodran. In a few hours we’ll give you a whirlwind introduction to one of the oldest cities in Europe.

You’ll get a stunning temporal glimpse of the Shkodra region during three unique and pivotal periods: Ancient, Medieval Turkish, and Modern Communist.

On the way you can experience first hand the religious harmony of local Mosques and Churches side by side, with the option to enter inside if you wish.

We’ll round out the tour with a stroll through the colorful Pedonale where, for better or for worse, the modern capitalist and western lifestyle is in full bloom as the next step in Shkodra’s rich cultural heritage.


This biking activity will take about 2 hours and will visit the most interesting things inside the town. You will visit three different religious monuments (mosques & churches) and three museums: Oso Kuka, Marubi, and the Museum of Memory.

12 euro per person: Include

  • Guiding
  • Bikes


  • Minimum 2 people for the tour
  • The price is set as a private tour for bigger group let us know

What to bring

  • Clothes suitable for biking
  • Walking Shoes
  • Sunglasses

Learn more about us and Albania by visiting our blog page.

bike city tour
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