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Kayaking on the lake to the lost Citadel of Sarda

Kayaking to the courtyard of Leka Dukagjini

This half day kayaking journey will take you to an abandoned citadel atop an artificial island on the lake Vau Dajes. In 1973 modifications to the area transformed the hill of Shurdhah into an island and since then the citadel has been abandoned.

The citadel of Shurdhah is also referred to as the Citadel of Sarda. The translation of Shurdhah into English means deaf. It is rumored that the citadel took this name because the wind going through the valley made it difficult to hear.

On this island you will see the old ruins of the citadel and the byzantine cathedral that once stood great in the valley of river Drin. The origins of the settlements date back to the 6th cen. BC, but the most prosperous days were between the 11-14th cen. AC. The settlement served first as an important religious center with 365 altars devoted to different saints and then as the residence of the noble Dukagjini family.

Leka Dukagjini also known as the “the Angel Prince” was the ruler of the north and second in power and influence only to Skanderbeg. Dukagjini is also famous for authoring and enforcing the laws that today are known as the Kanun.

In addition to a rich historical tour, their will be opportunities to enjoy swimming and kayaking on the clear waters of the lake.

We consider Vau Danjes lake best for kayaking & swimming compare to Shkodra lake especially in July & August when the water of Shkodra lake gets a little worm.


The tour will take approximately 6 hours and includes the visit of the ruins of Shurdhah and a kayak tour. We also include in the tour a small snack break.

  • Depart from Shega e Eger: 40 minutes drive to get started with kayaking
  • Kayak trip to Shurdhah island 60 minutes
  • Tour of the ruins citadel/castle 1 hour
  • Picnic & swimming on lake 3 ½ hours
  • Return to city center

70 euro per person: Include

  • Guiding for the day
  • Transportation to Danja lake and back
  • Snack Lunch
  • Kayaks


  • Minimum of 5 people required
  • Book in advance
  • Season open only from June to September

What to Bring

  • Water & Snack
  • Swimming suit
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking shoes

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