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Documentary Photography in Albania

Documentary Photography in Albania

We are lucky enough to have planty photographs on our website from our friend & supporter Nick St. Oegger, a documentary photographer that has devoted almost 10 years to exploring, understanding, and documenting various aspects of Albanian life. documentary albania As can be found on his website, Nick’s work “explores the relationship between people and the environments they inhabit, both urban and rural.” Nick had spend so much time in remove areas of Albania living with locals and brings out to you something that you will not find just visiting the major Albanian cities.

photography in albania documentary in albaniaWe applaud his work and find his photography to be an inviting visual introduction to deeper topics that resonate in Albanian society & culture. We specifically suggest taking a look at his most recent and provocative project “Kuçedra” which examines the threat to the Vjosa river and its communities from hydropower dam projects. 

He is working in other project that involve dams that threaten other rivers such as Cemi, Valbona & Bistrica. beekeeping albanian heritage

While on his page you must also take a look at “Bunkerland” and “Not a Country For Dreams”. Below are a couple hand picked favorites, enjoy!

We do hope that Nick will be able to have an exhibit for the summer 2022 if not 2023 in Shkoder.