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The Northern Wilderness of Albania

Komani lake, Valbona & Theth journey

This trip will be for 4 days/3 nights and will allow you to visit some of the most frequented sites of Northern Albania; Komani Lake, Valbona, and Theth. You will have the chance to admire and interact with the many beautiful landscapes and to get a better understanding of the way of life for the locals. We highly recommend that you join us on this adventure as it is truly a unique sensation to be surrounded by mountains.

Tips & Suggestions
This trip is considered “do it yourself” but for a deeper understanding of the culture, tradition, and a safe hike, we are able to provide you with one of our knowledgeable guides.

Travelers can and should stay longer in Theth or Valbona if they would like. This 4 day trip is simply a model to show you how you could visit Komani Lake, Valbona, and Theth in the shortest possible way, but we don’t want you to rush your vacation, we want you to enjoy it!

You could decide to spend extra nights in any of these locations and it would not change the structure of the trip, rather personalize it to be suitable to your travel agenda. We would suggest spending two nights in each village and at least two nights in Shkoder, you will not regret it.


For those that want to know more about the details of this journey, we suggest that you read our blog post dedicated to all you need to know about those two beautiful valleys. 

What To Expect

200 euro per person: Include

  • Rozafa Castle Tour
  • All transportation’s
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Ferry
  • Accommodations

Not Included

  • Dinner in Shkoder the first night
  • Guide ( 160 euro for a group up to 9 people).
  • Minimum 2 people

What to Bring

  • Hiking shoes & hiking equipment
  • Snacks
  • Only backpack recommended
Theth Komani Lake

shegaprifile2 The first night you will visit the city of Shkoder, you will tour Rozafa Castle and learn more about the history and culture of the region. A castle as old as this one is worth seeing! Accommodation is also included.

Komani Maj 01 1024x768 1 Early in the morning you will leave Shkodra to go to Komani Lake. You will board the ferry and explore the lake. The final destination of the ferry is a small town called Fierza. From Fierza you will take a furgon to the valley of Valbona. You will arrive in Valbona at approximately 14:00/14:30. Accommodation and food in Valbona are provided by the guest house.

Val5 Early in the morning you will start your hike to Theth. The hike averages 3-4 hours to the top and when you reach the top you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the two valleys below. Now down to the valley of Theth will take you 3 more hours! Please pace yourself and allow yourself enough time to make it to Theth. Keep in mind the hottest times of day and that not much shade is offered at the top. Accommodation and food in Theth are also provided by the guesthouse at which you will be hosted.

Val3 In the morning, after breakfast, a furgon (small van) will bring you to Shkoder. On the way back you will stop at the mountain pass called “Qafe Thore” and enjoy for one last time the view of the Valley of Theth. Upon arrival to Shkoder you can decide to spend a few extra days here (as the city has more to offer than most expect) our you could use Shkodra as a base for daily excursions around the area.

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