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In the last 10 years we have met countless solo travelers that have visited our country. 

With that said, why the need for this topic?  

The topic is to give tips for solo travelers and reassure you that traveling in tips for solo travelersAlbania & Balkans as a solo traveler is safe, also above all on how to maximize a positive experience if you are traveling alone. 

Unfortunately, we have to say that as often happens it is safer to travel as a solo male instead as a solo female.

This is not just in Albania or Balkans but worldwide, although we are not discouraging female solo travelers but just giving some heads up!

As a solo traveler you most likely will be using public transportation so buses from Tirana to all other cities run frequently. Tirana has two major bus stations one for the north and another for the south solotravel1Albania and this is the safest way to move from a location to another, buses tend to be slow but safe. We would not suggest hitch-hiking for female solo travelers unfortunately, but if you are in a group oh yes go for it, it’s an adventure.     


We do recommend solo travelers to spend their nights in hostels, Tirana, Shkoder, Berat & Gjirokaster and other major towns have more than a fair share of hostels. If you don’t like sharing a room well, 11846736 1632741333668870 2729430272258479729 nAlbania is so cheap that you can book the entire room for yourself and it will not cost you that much. In a hostel, you will meet other travelers and sometimes when you think that something is not safe as a solo, well guess what, you can join a group for a daily adventure and the next day you can be on your own again.

Outdoor options 

Perfect examples of this are going swimming or hiking in Albanian alps, it is best to be in a group and less chance to get lost. So definitely hostels are a good place to meet other travelers and maybe join them for a specific tour.

If you are more inclined to meet locals that it is easy as well, bars are a perfect place to introduce yourself to locals, once you find out which are the trendy bars you will meet many young Albanian and most of them speak more than just English.

So as a solo traveler you practically can do everything even if you are not a hardcore solo traveler but you decided “let’s do this”.

To conclude it, you are welcome to contact us if you want more tips. To stay safe, use common sense and you will always be safe no matter where you are around the world.

If you love hiking than we have the perfect adventure for you, personalize your journey in the Albanian Alps.