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The best hikes in Albania

Best Hikes in Albania Albania consists of mostly mountainous terrain, so It is not a surprise that our country is becoming such a popular destination for hikers. We will highlight in this blog the best hikes in Albania, some well known hiking destinations, but also some others less well known and equally worth trying. We…
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Shkodra biking culture

What’s with all the bikes here?! Yes Shkodra is known for the biking culture, you could call it the unofficial biking capital of the Balkans. Almost 1 out of 3 locals, regardless of age, gender or size, use the “bicikleta” for everyday needs. Bicikleta is not only a lifestyle here, it’s also a necessity as…
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Shkodra Lake blog

Below are some basic facts, history, and some of our own perspectives about Shkodër Lake — we hope they are helpful in learning a bit more about one of our favorite places to visit! Geography of Shkodra lake Shkodra lake is the biggest lake in the Balkan peninsula, with a surface area that varies…