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Things to do in Albania

The Northern Wilderness of Albania

kruja castle skenderbeg

Kruja Castle: Skanderbeg’s Stronghold and Capital On the 28 November 1443; Gjergj Kastrioti “Skanderbeg” rose what would become the Albanian…

Walking Tour Tirana

How did this city become a modern hub! A city to understand. Tirana is a relatively young and dynamic city,…

Free Walking Tour Shkoder

Free Walking Tour Shkoder

Kiri river

Escape the Heat with a Cool Mountain Swim

Danja6 scaled

Beautiful views, hike, picnic & history from the ruins

rozafa castle

Shkodra, a treasure of 2500 years of history

bike city tour

Bike City Tour Shkoder


Leaving without riding a bike is like never being here!

kayaking sarda

At the courtyard of Leka Dukagjini